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Loren Mosher 1933  — 2004 
Tributes, remembrances, obituaries.

Soteria: Through Madness to Deliverance, book by Dr. Mosher

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"Are Psychiatrists Betraying 
Their Patients?"
  Psychology Today

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Think about this question as you read these articles and letters by Loren R. Mosher, M.D., former Chief of the Center for Studies of Schizophrenia, National Institutes of Mental Health:

 Soteria and Other Alternatives ...      Article in The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. Shows that 85-90% of "severely mentally ill" -- acute as well as chronic -- persons can be treated in humane non-hospital settings at least as effectively and more economically than in psychiatric wards.

 "I Want No Part of It Anymore"   Feature article in Psychology Today. Throws light on the unholy alliance between psychiatry and Big Pharma that results in unnecessary, dangerous, destructive drugging of millions.

 Letter of Resignation from the American Psychiatric Association   Critiques the obsession of today's psychiatry with molecules and drugs that results in the disregard of patients in their social contexts.

Soteria Associates: Mental Health Consulting from an Alternative Viewpoint  What We Are About. Our Mission. Our Name. Our Aim.

 Two Alternative Viewpoints: Psychotropic Drugs and Crises    Response to Practical Questions raised by this web site. What can you do about neuroleptic/ antipsychotic drugs?  Guidelines for dealing with severe emotional / psychological crises. 

 The Biopsychiatric Model of "Mental Illness": 
A Critical Bibliography
    Review of the literature. Debunks the notion that "serious mental illness" is a "brain disease." In addition, documents how the drugs used to treat these presumed "brain diseases" instead cause real brain disease.

 Still Crazy After All These Years   Article by Jeanette De Wyze in the San Diego Weekly Reader, January, 2003. "Local Psychiatrist Assails the Schizophrenia Racket." This extensive popular article is a biography of Dr. Mosher as well as an overview of his ideas, of the debate about schizophrenia treatments, and of the debate about the nature of the disorder. 

  Psychobabble Scars  Letter to the Editor by Carla Jacobs in the San Diego Weekly Reader, May 29th, 2003. Jacobs assails Mosher's views in the article Still Crazy After All These Years. Jacobs suggests it is time to retire Mosher and his psychobabble. "Schizophrenia is a neurobiological brain disorder as medical in nature, as diabetes, or Alzheimer's," says Jacobs. Read the letter and Dr. Mosher's response. 

  Treatment of Acute Psychosis Without Neuroleptics: Two-Year Outcomes From the Soteria Project by John R. Bola, Ph.D., and Loren R. Mosher, M.D. 
This is a manuscript as a PDF-file (372 KB) of paper published in The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease (191: 219–229, 2003). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file. Click here to get it.

  Soteria in the Literature – A Chronological Survey 
Bibliography 1972 – 2004 as a PDF-file (108 KB). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file. Click here to get it.

 Loren Mosher 1933 – 2004: Tributes, remembrances, obituaries: David Oaks: Psychiatric Survivors Movement Mourns Loren Mosher.
Other remembrances posted at Law Project for Psychiatric Rights,
and at Society for Laingian Studies, An interview with Loren Mosher (PDF, 79 KB) appeared in the April 2004 issue of Mental Health Today (UK).

 Soteria: Through Madness to Deliverance
by Loren R. Mosher, Voyce Hendrix, and Deborah C. Fort.

This book is the story of a place where young people diagnosed as "schizophrenic" found an environment where they were related to, listened to, and understood during their altered states of consciousness. Most recovered.

To learn more, to read what Robert Whitaker, Oliver Sacks, and others have said about the book, and to order it:

 Models of Madness:Psychological, social and biological approaches to schizophrenia
Edited by John Read, Loren Mosher, and Richard Bentall

Mosher wrote or co-wrote the chapters
`Schizophrenia' is not an illness

Drug companies and schizophrenia: unbridled capitalism meets madness

Non-hospital, non-drug intervention with first-episode psychosis
in this book published a few months before his death

To learn more about the book CLICK HERE!

Mosher was held in high regard by the Psychiatric Survivor movement as shown by his appearance in the following two books.
Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs    
Edited by P. Lehmann.

Click here to read preface by Mosher.




Alternatives Beyond Psychiatry
Edited by P. Lehmann & P. Statsny

Includes the article Soteria—A treatment model and reform movement in psychiatry by Volkmar Aderhold, Peter Stastny & Peter Lehmann in honor of Loren R. Mosher.




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Who was Professor Mosher?    GO TO Biography

For over a decade Loren R Mosher, MD, held a central position in American psychiatric research.

He was the first Chief of the Center for Studies of Schizophrenia at the National Institute of Mental Health, 1969-1980. He founded the Schizophrenia Bulletin and for ten years he was its Editor-in-Chief. He led the Soteria Project.

The Soteria research demonstrated that there is a better way: A better way to treat schizophrenia and other psychoses that destroy the lives of so many young people. The Soteria research showed that the prevalent excessive destructive psychiatric drugging of all these young people is a huge and tragic mistake. The psychiatric establishment was offended. Prestige and Money won. Truth and Love lost.

The success ! of Soteria was the reason that Dr Mosher was forced to leave his key position in American psychiatry.

When Dr Mosher died he was Director of Soteria Associates, San Diego, and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, University of California, San Diego.

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